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Welcome to Touchpoints at Home

Dear Patients and Caregivers,

It gives us immense pleasure and pride to introduce to you Touchpoints at Home.  We thank you for entrusting our agency with your home health needs.  Touchpoints at Home is a Medicare and Medicaid certified agency located in Rocky Hill and serving all of greater Hartford.  We now accept patients with UnitedHealthcare, Harvard Pilgrim and Wellcare insurances. 

Touchpoints at Home is a certified home health agency based in Rocky Hill and part of the iCare Health Network. At Touchpoints at Home, we provide Skilled Nursing, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Social Worker and HHA services. We cover a large part of the State from Somers to Meriden across to Bristol and Glastonbury. We are proud of the quality of care we provide and are excited to continue to grow. Our staff is dedicated to our patients and their families and we are so humbled to be invited into their homes and assist them on their journey to wellness.

At Touchpoints at Home our deepest commitment is to our patients and their caregivers.  We are devoted to providing a level of quality of care that encourages a safe and cost-effective delivery of home health services.   We believe in keeping our patients happy and safe while helping them to achieve their healthcare goals. Our  strength is our professional clinical team who takes pride in providing quality care that is patient centered. 

Read about the Touchpoints Continuum of Care by clicking here….including Touchpoints Rehab centers, inpatient and outpatient therapy and rehab through Touchpoints Therapy, and compassionate care in the home through Touchpoints at Home.

How are we unique?

Touchpoints at Home has the benefit of affiliation with the iCare Health Network family of skilled nursing care centers, outpatient rehab resources and Touchpoints Therapy. Patients within our system have access to the full continuum of care and can often keep the same Therapist from outpatient rehab to inpatient skilled care and on to care within the home.

We are a locally based and managed company with a dedication to individualized care. If you should need skilled nursing care after care at home we can assist you with a seamless transition.  We are fully accredited and staff by caring professionals that ready to serve you. 

Services We Provide

  • Medical Nursing
  • Rehabilitation Services
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Speech Therapy
  • Patient Assessment
  • Behavioral Health Care
  • Medical Social Workers
  • Certifed Home Health Aides
  • And much more…

iCare Health Network Blog

All the latest news, discussion, and updates from the iCare & Touchpoints Rehab team.

  • To celebrate its hardworking staff, the team at Touchpoints at Chestnut threw an Employee Appreciation Day. No better way to show appreciation than serving some delicious food. The spread was mainly East Indian cuisine prepared by Dunns River, a Jamaican Restaurant in Hartford. The event was a big success and an excellent way to kick off the upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday. Chestnut’s Dwayne Mullings, Cori Knutsen and Jennifer Oliveira served the staff.
  • During the month of November, the home care and hospice community honors the millions of nurses, home care aides, therapists, and social workers who make a remarkable difference for the patients and families they serve. These heroic caregivers play a central role in our health care system and in homes across the nation. According to the National Association for Home Care & Hospice (NAHC) website, to recognize their efforts, we call upon all Americans to commemorate the power of caring, both…
  • On November 11, 2021 the team at Touchpoints at Manchester took a moment to celebrate a big achievement: the care center’s return to Five Star designation with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)! According to the CMS website, CMS created the Five-Star Quality Rating System to help consumers, their families, and caregivers compare nursing homes more easily and to help identify areas about which they want to ask questions. The Nursing Home Compare Web site features a q…
  • Celebrations of service, gatherings and group recognitions are beginning to reemerge and are more important than ever. This is especially true when the purpose is to celebrate our nation’s Veterans, their service and their sacrifice. On behalf of iCare Health Network, our care centers and entire staff, we would like to honor all of our nation’s veteran’s for all that they gave in service of our country.  There are dozens of veterans in every iCare facility as staff members, re…
  • Many Halloween and Fall-related events were taking place around the iCare Health Network.  Trinity Hill Care Center held an absolutely wild decorating contest among the staff and residents of the different units, creating a totally interactive haunted house.  Touchpoints at Manchester took their residents to the pumpkin patch with the hope of a glimpse of The Great Pumpkin. The surprise instead was the grand return of Touchpoints at Manchester’s status as a Five Star nursing center. (Con…
  • On October 22nd the team at Touchpoints at Bloomfield hosted their 1st Annual National Breast Cancer Awareness Walk in the care center’s parking lot.  The venue enabled Touchpoints to keep the residents close and safe while enabling their participation and getting fresh Fall air in the process. According to Cindy Payne, the Director of Therapeutic Recereation for Touchpoints at Bloomfield, the walk organizer and a breast cancer survivor herself, “It was a huge success. October as…
“The nurses are very good with me. They help me out a lot and they are all nice. Susan was very good with me.”
~ Antonia (November 2021)
“I am very happy with the services with the nursing services I receive. The nurses treat me very well. Shereiffa is very good to me.”
~ Carmen C (November 2021)
“I was discharged from home PT at the end of September, following several weeks of rehabilitation at the Bloomfield facility. This was not my first experience with rehab of PT, but it has proven to be the most remarkable. I am impressed by the seamless transition between inpatient and home care, as well as by an approach to PT that kept me aware of what I was doing and how to approach it in such a way as to maximize the benefit of each step. This had a substantial material effect on how to recover much more quickly than I'd hoped. With respect OT the staff, I found it remarkable that they have managed to be personable as well as professional. This is not an easy thing to do, at least in my observation. I would especially like to extend my thanks to Mansi Parikh, who conducted my home PT. I could talk about the big things I can now do, things that had been practically impossible not only due to the injury, but to the condition that cause it. Imagine, for example, not being able to drive six minutes to get my lab tests done. Imagine not being able to climb the stairs in your own house. I can do these, even the steep basement stairs, at will. I am even walking limited distances without assistance. As impressive as that is, it's often the little things that make the biggest difference. I have been putting on my socks without a sock aid for a couple of months. I'm beginning to be able to cook meals on my own. This morning, I changed the sheets on the bed. You may not realize how much it means for routine tasks to become routine again. In a year in which things have often been profoundly abnormal, your staff made it possible for this patient to move back toward normal for the first time in a long while. Thank you for being a blessing.”
~ Phil Moberg, Jr. (December 2020)
“Thankfully our Director recommended I consider physical therapy home services from Touchpoints at Home. I am so grateful for her recommendation and agreeing to welcome Touchpoints at Home into my life. After just a few sessions I am back to my "real self". I had prepared myself to be old and surrender my independence but now I realize that just because we are of a certain age, with the right expert care we can recover and continue to experience a good full life. Touchpoints at Home gets my highest recommendation. They gave me my life back.”
~ Marion Fritz (March 2020)
Susan Hovey
“This is my second Total knee replacement in 7 months. I went straight home after my first one, it was a tough, lengthy recovery. One of the best services Touchpoints offered was Kim, who is not only at Physical therapist but also the Patient Liaison. She spent hours with me to help reduce my pain and anxiety. I was improving much faster than I did after my right knee replacement. I felt ready to come home in just a couple of days. When I learned that Kim could also be my PT at home , I immediately chose Touchpoints at Home. The very next day, Kim and Piotr another PT were at my home. The appointments were always set up based on my preference and they were always on time. I have had homecare in the past, but the care and education I received from the Touchpoints team was nothing like i had ever experienced! AMAZING! Both Physical therapists and my nurse, spent the essential time to provide me with comprehensive information about my surgery, helped me better understand why I was feeling discomfort , especially about what is expected. Once I understood the anatomy of my surgery and the healing process, I was able to comfortably manage my discomfort and gradually increase my activity around my home.I was able to set realistic goals. My stress became very low and my recovery soared! The exceptional knowledge and skills of this Touchpoints rehab team is light years better that I could have ever expected. I am now ready for Outpatient Physical Therapy. I chose Touchpoints Rehab Outpatient services because I will be able to continue my care with the same therapists! How great is that. With Touchpoints at Home and Touchpoints Rehab "YOU GET COMPLETE SUCCESS". I highly recommend Touchpoints Rehab and Touchpoints at Home at every level on care.”
~ Susan Hovey (April 2019)
“Piotr (Touchpoints at Home physical therapist) is my go to guy……He was a Godsend….. If anyone I know has joint surgery and needs home care, I would recommend Touchpoints at Home in a heartbeat…. All Touchpoint facilities are #1 on my list….Piotr was professional and operated with an agenda, giving reasoning for all that he did and the background as to why he was recommending particular exercises…. He is intelligent, flexible and follows a given protocol….I wouldn’t go anywhere else by Touchpoints in the future!”
~ Patient PC (July 2018)
“I was very excited to hear that Touchpoints also offers homecare. When I was ready to go home, I was contacted by Touchpoints at Home right away. My Physical therapist even came to see me the next day which was a snowing Saturday. Piotr, my PT was very detailed in everything he did. He always took my vitals before beginning my treatments. He moved my recovery along nicely. He gave me good advise every step of the way. He was always analyzing how I walked and moved to make sure I was training my muscles to work the right way. He should me how by just make a small adjustment in my foot placement when walking, I could walk faster and be more solid on my feet. Soon I was using a cane and now I am walking free of cane inside my home. Piotr was always on time and 100% reliable. I had homecare before and I never knew when the PT coming, I almost declined Homecare services because of that other experience. Boy am I glad I chose Touchpoints at Home. I will recommend TAH without hesitation. I am ready to take my planned vacation now. I thought I would have to cancel it but my husband and I are really looking forward to travelling and getting our lives back on track.”
~ Jeannine Nadeau (March 2018)
“My therapists Maritza and Donna really listened to me. During this time my son became engaged! My therapist Martiza was very committed to my goals, including the most important one which was to dance with my son at his wedding. Maritza is knowledgeable and has a great personality. She was always respectful and listened. I felt like I had a true partner in my rehab. Touchpoints at Home was a wonderful decision and I am forever grateful to their commitment to me. I would recommend Touchpoints at Home to everyone. And as for Martiza, she is truly special.”
~ Maria D'Addabbo
“Touchpoints at Home has the most caring staff around. The nurses spend time with Michael and I, and they care about the patient and their caregiver. The nurses explain the health issues and the medications. Touchpoints at Home takes their time to make sure Michael and I understood what they were teaching us. We especially feel Michelle the Administrator has moved heaven and earth for us. She make sure the visits are performed with Michael, we have a way to call nurses, and she asks about Michael’s goals. We would highly recommend Touchpoints at Home to anyone and over any other agency.”
~ Cindy Uriano
“I cannot say enough about Touchpoints at Home. It was so great how they made sure I had every opportunity to regain my mobility and independence. My age was not a barrier to how they viewed my potential. Not only was the therapy amazing but the therapists made the rehab fun. I looked forward to every visit.”
~ Patient G.W.
“Touchpoints at Home has the most caring staff around. The nurses spend time with Michael and I, and they care about the patient and their caregiver. The nurses explain the health issues and the medications. We have had other experiences with homecare nurses and we have had no other nurse take enough time to lay out and manage the medications like the nurses at Touchpoints at Home. Our previous experience with homecare has been nurses coming in and out of our home. Touchpoints at Home takes their time to make sure Michael and I understood what they were teaching us. We especially feel Michelle the Administrator has moved heaven and earth for us. She make sure the visits are performed with Michael, we have a way to call nurses,and she asks about Michael’s goals. We would highly recommend Touchpoints at Home to anyone and over any other agency.”
~ Cindy U.
“Mansi my physical therapist is excellent. She is very caring and knows what she is doing. She treated me in the building and now is taking care of me at home and I am so happy”
~ Maureen K.
“I am very happy with the services I receive from Touchpoints At Home. The nurses are so friendly and willing to help me with all of my needs such as calling the State and checking on my food stamps for me, etc. They call my Doctors and really care for my health. They have a very positive attitude and I appreciate all they do for me.”
~ Susan C. (November 2021)
“I am so happy with my services I would never go with another agency! I love Touchpoints at Home as they are the best. My nurses and my aide Rocio serve me good and they are more like family to me than agency staff.”
~ Joan S. (November 2021)
“I love my nurse Kylie because she checks on me every other day to make sure I am doing alright. She knows my situation and she responds ASAP when I need her. She understands me and we get along very well. I care about her and she cares about me and that’s the way I like it.”
~ William D. (November 2021)
“I love every nurse that has been here to my home. Nadine is so funny and she bounces things back and forth with my aide and we have a great time. I have been very pleased with every nurse that has been here.”
~ Pauline L. (November 2021)
“Nadine and Veronica are very good. Do not remember the names of all of the staff and do not want to leave anyone out. All of the nurses were very helpful and went over and beyond, very pleased with anyone we have encountered from Touchpoints At Home. Thank you so very much!”
~ Donald O. and Heidi D. (November 2021)
“I am pleased to say I have been working w Mansi, Kylie and Jessica since my hip injury earlier this year. Their efforts have been outstanding. Following their instructions have helped me improve immensely. They are also very people friendly and professional. They also give clear instructions.”
~ James Conlin (November 2021)
“Kylie is magnificent, she is a gem. She is the best nurse, comes in with a chipper attitude and a smile. She knows what she is doing, is very thorough and is very precise. She always has suggestions for me and is very organized. I cannot say enough about the wonderful care she provides to me. She feels more like family to me than my nurse.”
~ Caroline Dileone (November 2021)
“I am very happy and appreciative of the nursing services I receive from Touchpoints at Home. Everyone is so nice and they take good care of me.”
~ David M. (November 2021)
“Kylie knows what she is doing, she is very attentive when she is here. I like her a lot, she is a sweetie.”
~ Karen A. (November 2021)